A Series of Myth-fortunate Events

Session #4

Dreams of a Waterfall

Our Players complete their journey through the dream eater's lair and, in exchange for sparing the dream eater's life and leaving his lair, are granted a vision of a secret passage into the Shadowed Thief's castle. From this cave they leave with an additional party member; a pale dreamer with a torn leather vest and donning Balmung's extra jammies was knocked out and "saved" from the cave in an attempt to rejuvenate him. With his proposal rejected, the hundred eyes faerie leaves the Players.

After a quick stop at the faerie camp in which the faeries disappeared without a word, the Players find the secret entrance into the great tree and, presumably, the castle. They end up crawling out of a well and are met with their old friend (?) Little Glad currently fending off a hungry looking evil faerie thing.

Will our heroes save Little Glad from certain doom? Will they traverse the castle and come out alive? Can they find a source of magical energy, refill their communications crystal, and finally return to the Bazaar of Deva? Find out next time on A Series of Myth-fortunate Events!


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